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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -
Nelson Mandela


Advanced Safeguarding of Children – Level 3

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Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) – Level 2

Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) – Level 2

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Child Development (0-5 Early Years) E Learning Level 2

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Child Development (6-12 Years) Fundamentals – Level 2

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Child Neglect and it’s Psychological Effects – Level 3

Child Neglect and it’s Psychological Effects – Level 3

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Our CPD Accredited courses have been expertly developed by industry specialists to provide you with the very best training materials, packaged in an intuitive, user friendly online platform focused on you


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When buying our courses and using our site, get added to the group forums for like minded learners. Here you will be supported and can share ideas with others, to grow knowledge and ‘EMPOWER’ yourself. 

This can be done as individuals or by an organisation, providing their own chat groups to support staff and colleagues. 

During your course, you can take notes along the way to help you with your tests and exams. 

But, thats not all. You can save and download your notes to support you everyday in life or at work.

You can have trust in all our courses, that they have been developed by professionals, from their specific sector. 

Meaning you or your staff are getting the right information. 

With every course on our site you will gain CPD points that reflect the level you are taking. 

These points will show on your profile and can be worn as a badge of honour to show your career progression to employers. 

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What Our Students Have to Say

I am a small business owner, and like most looking for cost effective resources for the business and my staff. I found using Orbit Training to be a great platform for not just supporting the business. But its build in a fantastic way that my staff feel supported, and they can take their courses when it suits them, as i purchase them. I'll be sticking with Orbit.
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Daniel Jankiwskyj
From Halifax, UK
As a first time parent and stuggeling like most to work out what my child was going through at different stages. I chose to take child development 0-5 years to help guide me. The result was, i now know the stages my little girl is growing through, and how to help develop my her better.
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Gemma Harris
From Leicester, UK
After a stressful life and various issues. I knew i needed to gain some confidence and expand my knowledge around mental health to get past some personal obstacles. I took Orbits mental Health courses and it gave me a foundation to understand more. This led to further courses they provide and i now find i have more confidence to guide on my journey.
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From London, UK
I run a few care homes across the Uk and i find using Orbit not just easy for my staffs compliance. But i incorporate their courses with on site training of my staff, which i find works well. The fact i can buy a bulk package for a member of staff and have them up and running with internal training quickly, has increased the skill set of staff, time getting someone trained to working, and boosted moral, with staff knowing they are being developed.
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Jack Brownn
From Birmingham, UK
Combat Stress
For every Certificate purchased 5% Net Profit goes to our Partners at Combat Stress. Why not try our FREE PTSD course.
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School Money Back Scheme
With every purchase of a CPD certificate, you can tell us your chosen education establishment and we will donate 12.5% Net Profit of every certificate back. Why not try our Child Development course for early years.
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Bundles and Compliance Packages
We understand compliance and education is the key to growing a stronger workforce. That’s why we have put together our Bundles with 'BIG' discounts, to support businesses and organisations with cost effective training that they can count on. Distributing them to their staff quickly in a cost effective manner. Why not try our Basic Business Compliance Bundle.
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Conference Suite
Staying connected is vital for businesses and the education sector. That’s why at Orbit we have put together our Business and Education packages to support you, your learners and your employees. Deliver business meetings or a lesson to your learners and keep connected.
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With every certificate purchased you donate 10% Net profit to our Partners at ‘Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People’. Why not Try our Learning Disabilities course
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Group Chats & Business Chats
Connect with other learners through our Group Chats or If your a Business buying bulk set & support your employees with your personal, private group chats, Why not try our CPD communication in the Workplace Course
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