Learning Disabilities Bundle (Advanced)

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The Advanced ‘Learning Disabilities Bundle’ is the ‘ULTIMATECPD bundle for anyone that works or lives with someone with Learning Disabilities. This bundle will give you a a very detailed understanding of some of the main areas, so you will find you can relate more, and understand more.  If with an organisation it gives you the great platform to move through your development towards management and a greater understanding.

This is a great bundle for Managers and Supervisors that helps to coordinate employees and have a bigger responsibility towards those that require great care.

This Bundle contains: 
  • SEND – Special Education Needs & Disability’s
  • Learning Disabilities and Assessment’s
  • Working with Families with Complex needs – Level 2
  • Working with Families with Complex needs – Level 3
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of ADHD – level 2
  • Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) – level 2
  • Understanding the Use of Play as Therapy
  • Understanding and Managing Children’s Behaviour – level 2
  • Mental Health Awareness & Understanding
  • Understanding Teenagers 13+ and Their Mental Health
  • A Complex Understanding of ADHD & ADD – Level 3
  • Understanding and Management of ADHD – Level 3
  • Understanding the Importance of Play & How it Supports Development