Advanced Safeguarding of Children – Level 3

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Advanced Safeguarding of Children – Level 3

Depending on your profession, you may frequently come into contact with children on a regular basis.  Therefore, it is vital that you have sound understanding of safeguarding practice and procedures, and the legislation surrounding such. This course provides a detailed, structured and comprehensive approach to recognising signs of abuse and reporting your concerns.  It will also discuss what happens after a referral and the actions that an authority needs to take to safeguard that individual properly.

The Advanced Safeguarding Children course aims to give all Educational, front-line health and social care professionals an understanding of their responsibilities in relation to safeguarding.  This course aims to make you feel confident in recognising the possible signs of abuse and the way to report your concerns in a correct and timely manner.  The course is devised to cover all key areas of child protection.


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