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Our CPD Accredited course has been expertly developed by industry specialists, to provide you with the very best training materials, packaged in an intuitive, user-friendly online platform focused on you.


Our Guarantees


Our Platform & Facilities

We have designed our platform with learners in mind and the busy world we live in. Making it easy to learners to develop in their own time, with no pressure, and having the correct information available.


Our Educators & Writers

All our lessons have been put together by industry professionals, Registered nurses, Registered Paramedics, and teachers. They have been developed with the most up to date information and then the lessons have been passed through educators, to meet learning outcomes.


Our Lessons

Are ever adapting as information changes around the subjects being taught. They have been broken down and simplified to be delivered in small bite size chunks, so learners can develop at their own pace.


What Our Students Have to Say

testimonial 3

I run a few care homes across the Uk and i find using Orbit not just easy for my staffs compliance. But i incorporate their courses with on site training of my staff, which i find works well. The fact i can buy a bulk package for a member of staff and have them up and running with internal training quickly, has increased the skill set of staff, time getting someone trained to working, and boosted moral, with staff knowing they are being developed.

Jack Brownn

From Birmingham, UK

testimonial 2

I am a small business owner, and like most looking for cost effective resources for the business and my staff. I found using Orbit Training to be a great platform for not just supporting the business. But its build in a fantastic way that my staff feel supported, and they can take their courses when it suits them, as i purchase them. I'll be sticking with Orbit.

Daniel Jankiwskyj

From Halifax, UK


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