Understanding and Managing Children’s Behaviour – level 2

Understanding and Managing Children’s Behaviour – level 2

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All children will have the challenge of understanding the world around them, how to develop coping mechanisms and how to express their emotions and feelings.

At certain developmental stages children will exhibit behaviours that may or may not be classed as normal and often parents, carers and professionals may be confused themselves about what is normal and when to worry.

This course is an introduction to child behaviour and it is going to look at some of the common behavioural issues that can occur throughout childhood.

The course is aimed at any parent, carer or professional who regularly comes into contact with children and young people and is also aimed at those who have an interest in the subject or who may want or need to learn more to enhance their knowledge and professional role.

By the end of the course learners will have an understanding of:

  • Normal childhood behaviours
  • Behaviours that may cause worry or concern
  • Typical early years problems and how to handle them
  • Behavioural disorders
  • Current theory and strategies for support
  • Why some children are aggressive

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