Domestic Abuse & Domestic Violence Today

Domestic Abuse & Domestic Violence Today

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Domestic abuse is a common and wide spread issue that is often well-hidden and an issue in society that can often be overlooked or unseen. While most people would associate the term with physical violence there are a number of ways in which it can be manifested with victims often suffering in silence for many years?

Many front-line professionals will often come across situations where they believe or suspect that domestic abuse has occurred. It is important that these professionals understand what the term means in reality, the different forms that abuse can take, the signs, symptoms and typical behaviours to look for and how to sensitively and professionally approach and deal with both the victims and potential perpetrators.

This e learning course is designed for any frontline professional who may benefit from an introductory understanding of the subject of domestic abuse or for any frontline professionals who may want to expand or recap on their existing experience and knowledge.

By the end of this course learners will understand:

  • The definition of domestic abuse
  • The different types of domestic abuse and the impact each of these can have
  • The reasons why people commit abuse
  • The warning signs to look for and how to offer support
  • Relevant Laws relating to the subject of domestic abuse