Child Neglect and it’s Psychological Effects – Level 3

Child Neglect and it’s Psychological Effects – Level 3

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Recent statistics show that over half a million children are abused in the UK each year. These are the figures for known and reported cases. They do not include cases of children who are suffering in silence or whose abuse has not been noticed.

There are a multitude of professionals who work with children on a daily basis, who need to be appropriately trained and knowledgeable in recognising the signs of abuse and taking the appropriate actions. It is a mandatory requirement that any professional who comes into contact with children should receive safeguarding and child protection training.

Without the correct safeguarding training, front-line professionals can easily miss the signs and fail to protect a child. Recent serious case reviews have clearly demonstrated that a lack of correct, up-to-date, quality training has led to failures in child protection.

The subject of safeguarding is complicated and complex. There are many different factors that can contribute to abuse and no two cases are the same.

This course is going to concentrate on the area of abuse known as Neglect. It is aimed at Team Managers or those in senior positions who have direct and overall management responsibility of staff and teams.