About Us

“I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message." - Steve Irwin

Our Story

Orbit Training was built from passion, with the owner working within the NHS, HM Forces, and specialist security services for vulnerable people.
With 9 years working with vulnerable adults and children with complex needs and disabilities. Vast experience and many years handling violence and aggression within the health and social care sector.
Working with dementia, mental health, and safeguarding patients. Orbit training has learned over the years that supporting through education is a vital and a key aspect, for caring for people correctly and safely.
Orbit has been designed to improve people’s education and support from the grassroots. Supporting families, and key workers with the correct information, to aid and support the development of their careers or their children, so they can have a better life. Supporting carers, teachers, and businesses with the correct information that they need for the people they support and care for. As well as supporting staff with their education.
Orbit Training believes everyone, and every organisation has a social obligation to those around us, and our community’s. So, we don’t just support through educating our users, we support by donating as much as possible to charity’s that work with vulnerable people and educational establishments.

What Our Students Have to Say

I am a small business owner, and like most looking for cost effective resources for the business and my staff.I found using Orbit Training to be a great platform for not just supporting the business. But its build in a fantastic way that my staff feel supported, and they can take their courses when it suits them, as i purchase them. I'll be sticking with Orbit.
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Daniel Jankiwskyj
From Halifax, UK
As a first time parent and stuggeling like most to work out what my child was going through at different stages. I chose to take child development 0-5 years to help guide me. The result was, i now know the stages my little girl is growing through, and how to help develop my her better.
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Gemma Harris
From Leicester, UK
After a stressful life and various issues. I knew i needed to gain some confidence and expand my knowledge around mental health to get past some personal obstacles. I took Orbits mental Health courses and it gave me a foundation to understand more. This led to further courses they provide and i now find i have more confidence to guide on my journey.
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From London, UK
I run a few care homes across the Uk and i find using Orbit not just easy for my staffs compliance. But i incorporate their courses with on site training of my staff, which i find works well. The fact i can buy a bulk package for a member of staff and have them up and running with internal training quickly, has increased the skill set of staff, time getting someone trained to working, and boosted moral, with staff knowing they are being developed.
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Jack Brownn
From Birmingham, UK

When you truly believe, you can truly achieve

Whether it’s for self-development or the development of your team, our powerful e-learning platform is your gateway to learning and empowerment.

So, don’t just aim for the skies – ‘Aim for Orbit



To be the most recognized CPD e-learning platform, that supports people and organizations with the best learning materials, packaged for learners. That is trusted and up to date

Our Promise

We promise to donate 30% of our net profit for every certificate to our listed charities and schemes. For every certificate purchased there will be an automatic donation on our systems registered, where we will keep a track, and make available the funds to our charity organizations, every quarter.
AbundanceOur values
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Abundance – Helping to create a world of abundance where knowledge is learned and shared freely without prejudice.
CommunityOur values
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Community – Creating supportive environments where everyone receives the help and support they deserve to achieve their potential.
CommitmentOur values
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Commitment – Committed to our customers, our staff and our planet – safeguarding everyone and everything we engage with.
Empowerment.Our values
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Empowerment – Leveraging the power of learning and support to remind everyone that they can achieve almost anything.
IntegrityOur values
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Integrity – Doing what we do, because it’s the right thing to do – making sure that every action we take is just and true.
InspirationOur values
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Inspiration – Inspiring those around us, to aim higher, work harder, do better and achive more than they ever thought possible

Our Guarantees

To support learners with an ever-adapting platform to consistently improve their experience of learning, with the best materials available. To supply as much detailed information as possible on courses, so our learners do not miss out and gain value for money. To improve and update all our courses yearly, to make sure that users receive the latest information on their chosen subject.

Our Platform & Facilities

We have designed our platform with learners in mind and the busy world we live in. Making it easy to learners to develop in their own time, with no pressure, and having the correct information available.

Our Educators & Writers

All our lessons have been put together by industry professionals, Registered nurses, Registered Paramedics, and teachers. They have been developed with the most up to date information and then the lessons have been passed through educators, to meet learning outcomes.

Our Lessons

Are ever adapting as information changes around the subjects being taught. They have been broken down and simplified to be delivered in small bite size chunks, so learners can develop at their own pace.

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Jonathan Hayton — Founder & CEO.

About Jonathan Hayton

Jonathan started his journey learning key skills and values from the Royal Engineers and then moving into the specialist security industry.Over the years he worked for the NHS, handling violence and aggression on the wards with vulnerable people. As time went on, he gained an understanding more about behaviours and vulnerable people, gaining a passion to make a difference and make changes.He became a director for a security company he helped build with his vision, and became a CQC Registered Manager for a specialist ambulance service he developed, to give vulnerable people a better experience. Along with a safe environment and dropping restraint by 90%.Over the years Jonathan has learned education and understanding is key in not just vulnerable people, but people in general and those that look after them.His new mission is to set a trusted standard with CPD accredited lessons, so that learners and organizations can have trust that the information they receive is true and supportive. Empowering themselves, those around them, and giving everyone the equal opportunity & equality, they deserve.